Cointiply Review (2022) – How to Earn Free Litecoin (LTC)?

The next-generation Bitcoin rewards platform is called Cointiply. By chatting and finishing tasks, users can earn free Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Only having a Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, or Litecoin address to send payments to is necessary.

Pros and Cons of Cointiply

Pros of Cointiply

  • It is available in countries worldwide.
  • There are multiple earning opportunities available.
  • There are no withdrawal fees.
  • It offers a transparent payment system.
  • Customer service is excellent and responsive.
  • It provides a generous referral program.
  • It is free to join.

Cons of Cointiply

  • There are only four cryptocurrencies available.
  • Some tasks provide meager rewards.
  • Cryptocurrency amounts can differ slightly because of the fluctuating market price.

How to Sign Up For Cointiply?

You must be at least 13 years old to register with Cointiply. Any web browser can be used to access the website, which is accessible worldwide.

Additionally, Cointiply provides an Android app, although it is inoperable while accessing the website through a VPN.

You can register for Cointiply by following the instructions below keeping this in mind.

  1. Open the Cointiply website or get the app from Google Play first.
  2. Click on Sign Up.
  3. Input your first name and email.
  4. Choose a password and confirm it.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Select Sign Up Now, and your free account has been created.

Cointiply Earning Ways

1. Surveys

One of the finest and quickest methods to get money on Cointiply is by taking surveys.

Hover your mouse over the earn coins bar in the navigation bar to see the surveys that are now available. then select Finish surveys.

As you’ll see, there are many companies from whom you can take surveys, like YourSurveys, Theorem Reach, Yuno Surveys, Pollfish, and others.

Almost always, at least one of the suppliers has surveys available. Depending on the length, they usually pay between 10 cents and $1.50, although the exact amount depends on your area and other demographic factors.

I have seen some other websites that pay more for the same survey walls, so if you’re part of any other GPT sites, feel free to compare before completing.

If you get disqualified a lot, do surveys from Theorem Reach – They pay a small amount if you disqualify which will add up over time.

Do not rush through surveys and be honest to avoid disqualification.

Avoid doing surveys that pay very little for a substantial amount of time.

2. Offers

Offers are the next best opportunity on Cointiply (some of them even pay better than surveys).

Some examples of offers include:

  • Downloading mobile apps and using them for x amount of time or until reaching a specific goal.
  • Signing up for something.
  • Using a free trial of something.
  • Buying something; etc.
  • Paid surveys

Almost all GPT sites include content like this. You’ll get access to a number of popular offer walls, such as Cointiply offer walls with AdGem, OfferToro, and AdscendMedia.

The offer wall and the offer’s duration determine how much money you’ll make from each offer. Most people will spend between 10 cents and $3 per item.

Although some of the offers I’ve seen pay up to $20, they take a long time to finish.

Speaking of, while I’ve never seen a shortage of offers, not every offer is worth completing and good offers aren’t always easy to come by.

Be careful of time limits. Some offers (especially the “reach level x on x app” ones) must be completed within a certain time in order to payout.

There are some sites that pay more for the same offers. If you want the maximum amount of money for each task, check the same offer wall on other GPT sites first to compare payout amounts.

3. Chat Bonus

Chatting is a more original approach to get money on Cointiply. You did hear me correctly. Chatting.

Simply click the “Start Chatting” icon in the left sidebar to begin.

Once a few minutes, the red dot next to “Current rain pool” should change to green after you send a conversation message. Additionally, it will specify how much, in terms of the total rain pool, you should receive when it “rains.”

At this point, you can leave the chat and do other tasks.

When it “rains” (which is achieved when a certain number of coins are added to the rain pool), you will get a percentage of the total amount. The dot will then turn red and you will need to chat to turn it green again.

You may not earn a lot from this, but sometimes the total coins in the rain pool can rise to a very high amount.

The most I have seen is 420k, but someone else said they have seen it rise to 850k once. Keep checking to see if you will one day be lucky.

Note: If you’re feeling generous, you can add coins to the rain pool with the “/rain x” command where x is the amount you wish to add.

Try to chat long before the rain pool empties – This will make you more likely to get a percentage.

While chatting, do some tasks – This can increase your share percentage.

4. Faucet

Like any other “bitcoin faucet” site, Cointiply also has a faucet.

Roll a number (you can do a free roll once an hour).

Depending on the number you roll, you’ll earn a specific number of coins. The higher your roll, the more coins you earn.

Don’t expect to earn much from this though. Most rolls will only net you 22 coins, which is less than a cent.

That being said, rolling the faucet multiple times a day can add up after some time. There’s also a jackpot if you roll 99,999 which will give you 100,000+ coins (More on that later).

Another factor to think about is the Cointiplier. This can increase the amount you get from each faucet roll. By default, it starts at 1.5x, but it changes once a month.

Also, you can increase your Cointiplier by completing tasks. But this works vice-versa too: it will decrease if you only earn coins with the faucet.

5. Paid Videos

Another way to earn money on Cointiply is by watching videos. This method won’t earn you much, but it’s easy and semi-passive.

The amount you earn for each video depends on the provider, but you can expect to earn between 200 to 500 coins per hour (i.e. 3 to 5 cents).

6. PTC (Pay-To-Click) Ads

This task operates similarly to other PTC websites and pays modestly.

Click “View PTC advertisements” on the PTC bar in the navigation bar to get started.

After that, simply click the ads and wait for the countdown to end. You can anticipate earning anything between 6 and 25 coins every ad watch.

The number of ads available each day is limited, so don’t expect to earn much here.

Warning: I wouldn’t recommend signing up for any of the sites or services that the PTC ads redirect you to. A lot of them are scams.

7. Multiplier

This one is a more risky task. It’s literally gambling.

If you’re feeling lucky, start by depositing a number of coins (at least 10):

You then need to guess between a number of “circles” which ones contain either red gems (multiplier) or grey gems (game over).

The amount of money you can make from this depends completely on how lucky you get. If you manage to guess all the red gems correctly you would multiply your deposit by 61.3x, which is pretty insane, but also extremely unlikely.

In the end, you’re more likely to lose money here than gain it.

8. Play Games

You can also play casual games to earn money on Cointiply. This pays similarly to paid videos, but it’s much more active.

As you can see from the image above, to earn coins, you need to fill your activity bar. And to fill your activity bar, you need to play games.

At most, this will pay around 100 to 200 coins (1-2 cents) per hour, which is why I don’t recommend it. Unless you actually enjoy the games and just do it for fun, it’s mostly a waste of time.

9. Referrals

Yep, Cointiply has a referral program! If someone registers with your referral link, you’ll get 25% of their faucet claims for life and 10% of every offer they do.

This is an easy way to earn some passive income and there’s no limit on how many people you can refer.

Is Cointiply Legit or Scam?

Earning cryptocurrency is legal with Cointiply. This website is among the top multicoin faucets, in my opinion. The only investment you need to make to earn cryptocurrency is your time.

By doing chores, clicking on advertising, etc., you can earn cryptocurrency. You probably already know about cryptocurrency faucets if you came across my blog while searching for a Cointiply review.

To maintain user engagement today, you need a decent user experience, which Cointiply provides. At the time this article was being written, Cointiply had been running for more than two years. If I did not believe was worthwhile of your time, I would not provide this review.

Is Cointiply Worth It?

Just like other faucet websites, it takes a lot of time and effort before you can earn a sensible amount of money on Cointiply.

If you don’t mind earning a small amount of money while surfing the internet in your free time, then you will find the platform worth your time.

Although there are different opportunities to earn money with Cointiply, it is not a platform for earning a fortune, and it cannot be a main source of income.

Simply find what works for you instead of mindlessly using the internet, and earn money while having fun.

Cointiply Withdraw Methods

Anyone may begin their cryptocurrency journey by earning up to $30 per month with Cointiply. Earnings vary according to location, commitment, and the volume of work users accomplish. As there are no earnings caps, investing more time on the Cointiply site can increase rewards to hundreds of dollars every month.

Earnings can be withdrawn in either Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, or Dash. The minimum withdrawal amount is $3, which equates to 30,000 coins. Importantly, Cointiply pays all withdrawal costs so you keep every last bit of the cryptocurrency you worked so hard to earn. Additionally, users can receive up to 25% of the Coins that people they refer to Cointiply earn.

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