Allcoins Review 2022 – How to Earn Free Litecoin?

You can choose among BTC, DOGE, Litecoin, Ethereum, Potcoin, and other cryptocurrencies at Allcoins, a multi-crypto faucet. The fact that Allcoins may be utilized on a smartphone allows this faucet to make a claim every four minutes. Freeroll (1 free per day), lottery, boomerang, luckynumber, mining, chat, and messaging are just a few of the available gambling possibilities. You only need to finish a simple “solve media” captcha in order to benefit. As a result, it is appealing and easy to use.

What is Allcoins?

A Faucet called Allcoins offers a wide variety of different cryptocurrencies. 13 different cryptocurrencies are available right now. You can claim well-known ones like Bitcoin or Ethereum as well as lesser-known ones like GoGoMonster Token. Although the site appears a little clunky, it functions well and is simple to use.

  • 25% referral commission for lifetime
  • Multiple Cryptocurrency
  • More Option to Earn Crypto
  • Smooth and fast website
  • There is a small withdrawal fee (15000 Sats to a direct wallet and 1.5% on faucethub
  • Offerwall is available
  • Your account will be removed if you are inactive for a while

At Allcoins, the payment varies greatly. Although the Faucet pays very little, the few PTC ads are amazing. Because the withdrawal minimum is low, you could theoretically withdraw money daily. Only if you choose to withdraw to GogoMonster will you pay a really low fee for doing so. On this website, you can bet using GogoMonster Token and other cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, the fee is very high and you need a lot of Coins to withdraw if you want to withdraw directly to your wallet. For instance, in Bitcoin, the minimum amount needed to withdraw is 5000 Satoshis, and the fee is 3500 Satoshis. Unreasonably high, I say.

If you do decide to use Allcoins, only use it if you also use GogoMonster. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of your time. The owners of Allcoins are, as usual, unknown; the only information we have about them is that the website was launched in 2018 and that it is based in the USA.

How Does Allcoins Work?

The website Allcoins faucet was established in 2018 and has experienced tremendous success ever since. You can currently claim 12 different coins or tokens in their faucet: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, BitcoinCash, IDA Token, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, Tron, BitTorrent Token, and GoGoMonster token. If you put in the effort, you can earn a lot of coins with only a 6-minute cooldown. You must complete a captcha form in order to use their standard faucet. Several options are available to you after you’ve claimed the faucet, including the ability to double or multiply your reward by ten.

How Do I Make Money on Allcoins?

Claim every 4 minutes, participate in a variety of games, undermine cryptocurrencies, or use the referral program are just a few of the opportunities to earn money. It is very easy to navigate and registration is required. The main menu has 7 entries and is located on the left once logged in.

There are numerous coins to earn at the faucet known as Allcoins. Every 6 minutes, you can claim from their faucet. You can claim using an autofaucet as well by leaving the window open. Every day that you log in, you will receive 2 auto claims. Every time you click a link, you can get 4 additional claims for free.

Autofaucet & Miner: here it is possible to do autoclaim, that is to automatically gain from a cryptom without clicking, just keeping the window open. You receive 2 autoclaims for visiting the site every day. When you agree to the mining process in crypto miner, you can select the kind of currency that will be devalued.


lly, mining can be done to earn extra money; to do this, download their CMD miner and run it on your CMD. If you prefer not to download anything, you are welcome to use the JSEcoin web miner. Watch out, mining uses the resources of your phone or computer; only mine if you understand what it does.

Playing games is also possible, you can play Harvest, Bitcoin Puzzle, and VegaDice. You can participate by contributing whatever you want, and if you win, you’ll receive more. (gambling)

If you’re not into the games, you can use their offerwall and PTC. You can use their five offerwalls to boost your earnings. Despite the fact that all profits are paid out in Bitcoin, you can still exchange them for other currencies. Remember that it takes time to complete offers and earn rewards, but once you reach a certain level, you will receive your BTC more quickly.

Games: there are 5 different games. In the freeroll game, if the 4-digit number is greater than 5021, the bet is doubled. It costs nothing and can be played every hour. You can wager on high (HI) or low (LO) and double your bet if you win, according to the statement made. Only bitcoins are used to play it. Boomerang is a very straightforward game in which you can select any of the 19 cryptomonetas available and multiply (2x, 5x, 10x, or 50x); if the boomerang comes back, you win and your play is multiplied by two, doubling the multiplier you originally selected.

Exchanging Crypto on AllCoins

You can protect yourself from price fluctuations and benefit from price arbitrage with AllCoins, one of the few faucets that still lets users claim the daily average value of various cryptocurrencies. You can exchange your coins by clicking the button next to them on the withdrawal screen. Choosing the cryptocurrency you want to exchange to is done on the Exchange page after you click the exchange button. You will then choose the other coins for which you have balances and the amount you wish to exchange back into the cryptocurrency you initially chose. The transactions are immediate, and your balance is immediately updated.


There are a ton of free platforms available that allow you to make money by simply spending time online without having to deposit money or send money to anyone, so I urge you to check them out to see if they are worthwhile.

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