Jaxx Wallet Review 2022 – Is It Worth It?

A multi-currency crypto wallet is called Jaxx. This wallet’s user interface is attractive and friendly. One of the causes for the growing popularity of this wallet service is that. Even those who have never used cryptocurrencies before can easily understand how to manage their assets with this wallet.

What Is A Jaxx Wallet?

Jaxx is a wallet created for cryptocurrency owners who place a high value on security and privacy when trading cryptocurrencies. Anthony De lorio, a co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), developed Jaxx Wallet in 2014. One of Canada’s top blockchain businesses, Decentral, is the owner of Jaxx. One of the most well-known, dependable, and secure software wallets in the cryptocurrency industry is Jaxx wallet.

A desktop wallet, also referred to as a software wallet, is a cryptocurrency wallet that you can download and use on your desktop computer locally. It may appear that you keep your coins on your computer because a software wallet is a desktop wallet. The situation is different, though. The keys that give you access to your coins are instead stored in a desktop wallet, which functions as a kind of keychain.

Software wallet Jaxx Wallet is renowned for its user-friendly design. It’s also well known for being one of the market’s most adaptable cryptocurrency wallets.

Pros And Cons Of Jaxx Wallet


  • Multi-currency support
  • Cross-platform pairing
  • Shapeshift integration
  • Free downloads and use of the crypto wallets
  • Automatically set transaction fees
  • Bank grade encryption
  • QR scanning capabilities
  • Simple interface and setup


  • Not as secure as hardware wallets
  • No hardware wallet integration
  • Not the best for holding large quantities of crypto

Is Jaxx Wallet Safe To Use?

If you value your privacy greatly, it is crucial that you download Jaxx Wallet so that you won’t have to worry about entering personal information and risking the compromise of sensitive data. You will be the only one with access to your private keys if you have personal control over your wallet. Your private keys are kept locally on your device, so nobody will be able to access them, not even Jaxx Wallet. Therefore, even if you were hacked, a bad actor wouldn’t be able to access your money.

They mainly rely on passwords and 4-digit PINs as security measures. A PIN code and a strong password can protect accounts from hackers, but knowledgeable hackers could theoretically defeat such a security.

Does Jaxx Offer Cold Storage Support?

For cryptocurrency investors who prefer to keep their money offline, the Jaxx software wallet offers support for cold storage. From their private keys, users are able to make a paper wallet. Additionally, it supports the importation of private keys from a paper wallet. You will be able to keep your cryptocurrency in cold storage thanks to these features. For cryptocurrency owners who are worried about security, this adds an additional layer of protection because it stores coins in an offline setting that prevents hackers from accessing them.

With its Ice Cube device, Jaxx Wallet will soon provide deeper cold storage. This solution uses a hardware wallet that never connects to the internet and generates your private keys locally.

How Do I Use My Jaxx Wallet?

You can easily use this wallet. Registration is not necessary, as was already stated. From the official website, the desktop wallet app can be downloaded and set up in a flash. Finding the mobile version on Google Play and the App Store is not difficult. In order to participate in the rewards program, the user may create a username and supply an email address, but they may remain anonymous for all other purposes.

One can use the wallet right away after installation (all the tabs are explained above). Most likely, taking care of security should come first. One can enter a 12-word backup phrase on the Home page. One must do this by clicking the “Your Jaxx Liberty is not backed up!” section in the upper left part of the wallet window. Following the user’s confirmation that nobody is looking, the phrase will finally begin to be created. The user will have to select each word for the backup phrase individually. Each word is selected from one of the wallet’s four variations. A PIN code and a password are additional security options. It is highly advised that both methods be activated.

Jaxx Supported Coins

Jaxx Liberty is a multi-asset wallet, so there are 80 assets that it supports. It functions flawlessly with BTC, ETH, LTC, and about 70 additional coins and tokens. The minimum requirements for using Jaxx Liberty are listed in the table below for each OS. Furthermore, the browser add-ons are also mentioned:

  • Aion [AION]
  • Bitcoin [BTC]
  • Bitcoin Cash [BCH]
  • Dash [DASH]
  • Dogecoin [DOGE]
  • DigiByte [DGB]
  • EOS [EOS]
  • Ethereum Classic [ETC]
  • Ethereum Testnet [ETHT]
  • Ethereum [ETH]

Jaxx Liberty Pricing

The vendor takes a cut of every dollar you withdraw, but you can get and use the product for free. In order to install Jazz Liberty and get answers to any other questions you might have, go to the program’s website. You can manage a wide variety of crypto coins with the help of Jaxx Liberty, a powerful cryptocurrency wallet software product. Consider Jaxx Liberty if you’re looking for the best software crypto wallet for your enterprise.

Jaxx Liberty works on all desktop, mobile OS, and even as a chrome/web extension thanks to its user-friendly interface and straightforward yet professional design. All of this is possible without even downloading entire blockchains, in addition. How? Because light wallets on the network depend on full node ones. Jaxx Liberty does not hold or have access to the funds, instead giving you control of the key pair. This wallet has a ton of features and is supported by knowledgeable and skilled customer service. You are free to adjust your Jaxx Liberty HD wallet so that it displays only the coins or tokens you prefer, rather than all 80. The app’s web functionality is another key benefit. In this case, the wallet is the browser extension. Keeping that in mind, don’t forget that it functions online as a hot wallet. This makes it enticing to those looking to hack into your accounts. Store your assets sparingly and with consideration. For regular transactions, Liberty wallet excels. Here is where I want to point out that this isn’t a brand-new wallet, but rather a renaming of the one that was formerly known as Jaxx.


Although Jaxx wallet is a respectable and secure service, some of its features are restricted when compared to those of other wallets available. It remains one of the best choices for anyone entering the cryptocurrency industry, though.

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